Day One. I’ve created a monster.

This is only the beginning.

In my my failed attempt to pack for my third year of college, I’ve discovered a few things. I no longer have a complete pair of matching socks; I’ve uncovered an ancient old coloring book from my childhood; I have way too big of a nail polish collection; but most disturbingly I have developed into an obsessed loose-leaf tea snob over the past three years. Yes I know the previous sentence is atrocious, but we’re moving on. I should be proud that my collection is now able to completely overtake my mother’s repelling, blood-red, table cloth but quite frankly, it stresses me out a bit.

Why? For starters the coconut pouchong wafting my way has just given me one more reason to prolong the packing process. Instead of shoving my entire life’s possestions into tupperware totes, I’ve let myself procatinate so long that I’ve started a blog. Not that I haven’t been thinking of it off an on for the past few months but still, I’ve had better opportunities than now. 

The second reason for my distress is the result of my discovery of Steepster. While in Santa Barbara, California visiting my aunt this past spring, the two of us discovered Steepster after vising the local gift shop, Vices & Spices. Steepster is a site where you can subscribe to receive three new types of loose-leaf tea in the mail every month. You pay only $17 a month, and drink your way to tea paradise. While this sounds magical, it also brings me to my third and final reason why I have turned into a monster.

Unless kept in an extremely, I mean extreme, air-tight container, loose-leaf teas loose their potency, and therefore their flavour. As of now, I only have one air-tight container that is up to my standards, and the rest of my teas are slowly suffering in unsealed mason jars, and misshapen plastic baggies. While I’m most likely exaggerating, this has been known to happen in the past, I feel like the current state of my tea storage is sub-par, and the state of my tea is suffering.

This only leaves me with one option, to create my own kind of Steepster account. Thanks to my influence, the girls who have been in a book club with me for years have also developed a love for tea. Instead of drinking my tea with the thought of a finish line ahead, I will gift them with their very own subscription to my tea collection. One a month, a care package including three different teas with three very specific steeping instructions, will make thier way to Kearney, Nebraska, and Tacoma, Washington.  Until then, I will continue to drink ridiculous amounts of tea with my heavenly sounding Steepster subscription in sight.