My First Best Friend

I don’t entirely remember every T.V. show I watched as a child, but what I do remember are the people who I watched T.V. with. The Cosby Show with Marissa Brown in her secluded room in the attic; The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air while was babysitting the Shelton kids; and Red Skeleton with Grandpa Hansen.

My earliest memories of a particular T.V. show, or lack-thereof is Power Rangers. It was at daycare and I was probably four years old. My best friend was Chelsie; our moms were best friends so that meant we were friends too. I remember one morning when everybody gathered around the television. I followed suite because it’s what everybody was doing. As usual, I was towards the back of the room and I couldn’t see the screen that was blocked by five or so kids. I asked Chelsie what we were watching, and she replied, “My favorite—Power Rangers“. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt because that was the one show my mom told me to never watch. I wasn’t quite sure why I wasn’t allowed to watch it, but I knew I had to get out of that cramped room full of Power Ranger-watchers. Embarrassingly, I whispered to Chelsie that I wasn’t allowed. She assured me it was OK, and that she had already seen this episode anyways. She then grabbed my hand, and led me out of the room so we could play a game—just the two of us. It was then that I knew we weren’t just friends just because our parents were.  


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